Friday, September 24, 2010

Bistro Angst

Pa pa pa da tralala
Pa pa pa da tralala
Vivaldi's Primavera
often heard in bistros
not relaxing
for the guests
But who's here to relax?
It's a serious buisness!
Is it a good enough restaurant?
Worried tourists
worry about not
getting the
'optimal eating experience'
for their Yens
Do we really want a steak
served on a wooden plank?

Would we prefer a wooden
stake through the heart?
Such questions vex diners
in Chianti mode
(alcohol helps)
Ah! L'estate!
(that thunderstorm bit; glorious)
The waiter bounds his way
his little pad is ready
We are ready, but for one,
When she is,
the bounding waiter will be gone!

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