Tuesday, March 15, 2011

3B 3.5

Black this
Pale that
New shade of Docs.


Smoke out the window!
Their pet mouse Anais Nin
mustn't develop athsma.

3B 3.3

Here's a cup of coffee.
I'm half dead;
It's still a cup of coffee.

3B 3.2

Three talkers sit
on the greasy kitchen floor.
One is interested.

3B 3.1

Coat flaps in the breeze;
Shotgun barrel points at hi-hat
Finger pulls trigger

3B 2.10

In our coats
standing at the bar
Early Friday

3B 2.9

Diamond lattice window
cracked yellow street
All night in the center of town

3B 2.8

At the Jazz club
a voice in the dark
suddenly shouts out "Tension!"

3B 2.7

There is a little stand
A serious-faced girl sells
Anarchist Comics

3B 2.6

Low concrete ceiling
Chaotic 'Goth slide'
The world spins

Monday, March 14, 2011

3B 2.5

The 'Three Musketeers'
in Backgammon
can't ride or fence

3B 2.4

Unfamiliar walls..
I walk naked
down a dusty staircase

3B 2.3

the punks are out!
They stand around the foyer

3B 2.2

He drops her like a rock
The other takes her up
Roll to Rock

3B 2.1

We have five minutes
to catch the Movie!
Or maybe all night

3B 1.10

The paper boy arrives
The barman sighs
A G&T appears

Sunday, March 13, 2011

3B 1.9

Around a little table
Our education
in prog-rock

3B 1.8

Beer and more;
I am the man to-day

3B 1.7

Until this moment
I never knew
The Doors had done a Whisky Bar

3B 1.6

"Give me back the Tobacco!"
he hollers accusingly.
His friends have it.

3B 1.5

Face against the tiles;
collapse here?
A death sentence.

3B 1.4

Yellow and grey
The texture of air
heavy with smoke

3B 1.3

Love is just
a kiss away...
Oh, courage!

3B 1.2

Sun is bright above;
down the stairwell
is a café door

3B 1.1

Old Volvo Amazon
Glory on the road
A rusted cherry