Monday, August 9, 2010

Hotel breakfast!

Ah, a thimbleful of orange juice,
a greasy slice of faded pink bacon,
a shaped fried egg,
a croissant of the hard and crumbly kind,
raw toast,
a cheap marmalade,
a cup of sour coffee,
and a cumberland sausage.
Anyone for seconds?
Time took a cigarette?
time took a whole pack of twenty,
King Size,
and got stuck in traffic behind the
annual granny's steam-banger veteran's parade
droplet-damp chafing dish bacon rasher basher's bash!
So hang your head,
and hold your manhood cheap,
when other's speak of those,
who took the plunge,
and smeared their honeyed knives,
along the crisp-baked cake!

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