Wednesday, July 14, 2010

The Laputan Battle Automaton

Laputa, flying island of the Tomtoddies, threatens to attack Farenfox with these flying, fire-spitting automatons.

If so happens, the defence of Farenfox will be left to the home militia. They have no major geopolitical conflict with the Flying Island, but the cultural gulf is enormous, with nothing but disdain between the peoples.

The Laputans pride themselves on their technological and scientific edge, but they are the "Tomtoddies- all heads and no bodies", considered by the Doggerlanders and other "terriers" (that's Laputan- "ground dogs"- for all people who don't live on a Flying Island) to be so degenerated as to be no longer properly human.

Indeed, the Laputans do look rather different; rather like giant humanoid radishes. Too weak to lift a rifle, they rely on their automatons to wreak havoc on their supposed inferiors. This is mainly to remind them that they are inferior; but as a Laputan and he/she will give you a thousand different well-argued reasons.

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