Wednesday, March 3, 2010


So beautiful; so intelligent; so thoughtful; so kind.

But sometimes people are like that.
They grow under protection,
but have a strong inner spirit;
something made of gold inside.
Some kind of dignity.

Asneth loved the handsome Joseph,
reader of the Pharoh's dreams.
Joseph loved the fair Asneth,
daughter of Pentephres the priest.
Both loved the true God.

It is a happy story; but not without agony between sunset and sunrise.
(People feared the night more then. It was darker; there were lions.

Asneth was the fairest of all in a land known for the beauty of it's women.
Asneth lived in a tower of ten rooms.
Asneth had never been seen by a man.

Joseph the Hebrew was young and righteous; the mighty one of God. Joseph wanted no woman who bowed to the stones; to the silent jackal-headed statues. He did not care to kiss lips that ate the bread of strangulation from the table of the false idols.

Joseph had his principles!

Asneth did not want him until she saw him. After she had, she wanted no other. This sort of love happens some times and is wonderful. Joseph played it cool.

For seven days and seven nights Asneth prayed and wept to the true God, because she so wanted the love of Joseph. A man appeared and fed her honeycomb; food of the angels; The Honeycomb of Life. And the man, who was an angel, appointed Asneth to a new rĂ´le, and gave her a new name. She is now city of refuge.

And after she had washed her face, she dressed as like a bride for Joseph; and he was amazed and three kisses later the marriage was sealed!

As I said; a happy story.

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