Wednesday, September 30, 2009

GMD Exclusive: New BBB ad jingle revealed

Through our association with quality brewing company Bull Boxer, we are very happy to have obtained exclusive rights to the presenting of Bull Boxer's latest catchy advertising jingle.

Says Marketing Director G√ľnther Hessian: "I generally dislike the term jingle, it suggests to me something cute, trite, or in some other way superficial. This makes what is in fact a lot of hard work by a thoroughly professional team of brilliant minds seem like a mere trifle. I assure you this is not the case! The advertising company we hired for the job were given a very tough brief; to think up something that conveys the tradition and exclusiveness of our product in an, let's admidt it, tough and in many ways over-saturated market. I think they have succeeded beyond all expectations!"

"The use of a traditional tune like Beer Barrel Polka really brings home the message through a thousand positive associations. We have tradition, barrels, and many, many other good vibes pulsating from this unchained campaign melody!"

So, all together now, to the tune of Beer Barrel Polka:

"Roll out the barrel!

We want a Bull Boxer Beer!

Roll out the barrel!

Bring us a Bull Boxer Beer!

Roll out the barrel!

Here comes a Bull Boxer Beer!

Now's the time to roll out the barrel!

And have a bar--rel of bee--ee--ee---ee--er!"

This catchy jingle to be sung by the emerging combo "Mills Bom", winners of this year's Bull Boxer Beer Battle of the Bands Bash! (with their signature tune/chant Mills Bomb! Mills Bomb! Don't you wish you had one?). All this together will surely shift some units and drag the struggling Brewery out of recession!

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