Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Moni Taxiarhou Mihail Panorimiti (Monastery of the Archangel Michael of Panorimitis), Symi

The famous large icon of the Archangel Michael, which appeared miraculously at the site of the monastery. St. Michael is the patron saint of the island of Symi, and of sailors. There are many offerings hanging from the walls, or placed at the foot of the icon. At a nearby table sits a monk, who hands out vials of oil and icon cards.

Approaching from the Sea. This monastery, which may date from the 5th century, has it's own ferry connection.

The tower. In it's present form, the monastery dates from the 18th century. According to inscriptions, the last additions were added in 1783.

Part of the tower photographed from inside the monastery grounds.

Mosaic and icons of the Archangel.

The cross.

Tower balcony.

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