Thursday, March 19, 2009


The first time she saw him,she laughed,because it so obviously wasn't the first time.

The second time,he laughed as well,and they greeted each other as old friends do.

The third time,they were lovers,lying in silent naked embrace on a narrow wooden bed in a small room with a slanting ceiling.

Through the skylight, the deep blue night looked like something Chagal would have painted.

She had a vision of large orange cats grinning on the garden wall, their colours standing out brightly in the powdery dusk.

She slept.

And her mind wandered off to some ancient place, she saw herself clinging to her lover like a single rock in the ocean.

Becoming one in every sense; a love beyond false overtones of grandiosity, of anxiety or of guilt.

A love overshadowing all other sensations with frightening urgency.

At the point of orgasmic climax they burst into flames and were shot upwards through spiritual planes like a two-headed astral rocket.

When it seemed they could travel no further, she broke free, and he plummeted flaming downward into an endless void of blackness.

She held out her arms, and willed there to be something.

Suddenly, galaxies spiralled sickeningly around her form and a great cacophany of voices hollered into the blackness.

She smiled, and dived backwards through nebulæ in search of her lover's touch.

When she found him again, they amalgamated into one, two shapes mirroring each other. Gaia and Uranus. Yin and Yang. It was quiet.

And in them was the whole of creation, and their's to bask in was the endless shining white light of time.

She awoke. He was gone.

She leaned back on the pillow and smiled cynically to herself.

You can't break free, she thought, I will be here-and I will be with you.


And she went back to sleep, sad but contented, and in her next dream she saw a unicorn.

A wounded unicorn shambling towards her in a foresty glade.

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